“Walking. I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.”
- Linda Hogan

On paved ground or naked soil, we never walk alone. We are a tribe, united in spirit. Those who have gone before walk beside us.Whether in our bare feet or in our shoes, in the woodland or in the city. With spiritual or physical presence.

Heed their call.

Berlin is a city with a long history of Radical Faerie activity. It was once the capital of Eurofaeries. All kinds of ancestors have inhabited this concrete jungle. Some of them live. Some of them are eternal. They all have stories to tell. Thus, we are dedicating this gathering to our ancestors, to their stories, and to this city that continues to nurture creative spirits. Come together, in a spirit of reunion and mirth, to do what we do best: create the sacred intimacy of Heart Space through celebration, sharing, storytelling, drag, visions and dreams.


From November 1st to November 5th we will gather in the German capital Berlin, to feast, and honour each other and those who paved the way for us.


We will meander through streets and pathways of the German wild child, like pixies and sprites meander through ancient woods. We will find each other, if that is truly what we seek.

If there is one thing we can predict, it is that in a city things are different from a country cottage or a RadFae sanctuary. Just like  our bondings and hookups, this gathering will need clear intention, constant communication and negotiation from all parts involved to actually happen, take off and flow smoothly.

Without one physical venue, we will use virtual space to stay tuned to each other: Internet, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and every manner of non-physical shared space counts to bring us together in different activities planned or to-be-planned during these five days.

We will explore different spots in the city, and create community there. Our physical presence there will be temporary, but our connections will linger. Bless these homes with Faerie love and charm, and honour the ancestral spirits of this place. We will come back.

Berlin is an extremely green city, and wildlife is considerably integrated in the urban scenery. If you worry about not getting enough Nature, let that sh*t go already.


An exciting, initial programme has been uploaded. You can sign up for the Facebook events, but to get the details just email the organising team on to get a detailed programme with addresses and meeting points, disclaimers, instructions, warnings and useful information. Do consider signing up "formally", so we know roughly how many people to expect.

If you have a suggested activity, please let the organisers know anytime. We would love to help you make it happen during our City Gathering.


Without an obvious place to provide free accommodation for everyone, we have created a Googlespreadsheet so that those of us in need or able to provide can connect with one another. These might include (but are not limited to):

-Out of town fae in need of a couch, temporary home, safe space to sleep
-Local fae with a couch, bed, floor, sleeping nest, warm hearth
-Faes wanting to creatively, collaboratively, create a space of their own
In addition to theGoogle spread sheet, virtual spaces like Facebook and Whatsapp will be integral for fae to connect.

*It is imperative to the organizers that this gathering be strictly NOTAFLOF (No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds). We want to do everything we can to empower fae to come to Berlin.  



The organisers do not charge money for this gathering. However, bring as many Euros as you can afford to donate for the venues that will generously host us (they have also got costs like heating, electricity, water, cleaning etc), and if a local Faerie is hosting you, consider donating for food and expenses. Generosity should always be reciprocated.

More to come...

Watch this space.