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This is the initial programme for the Berlin City Gathering 2017. There will probably be other activities included in the next days, even once the gathering has started--this is co-created, self-managed and enthusiastic Radical Faerie gathering after all. Most of the activities will happen in private households, so to protect their intimacy we will only share the address individually to people who sign up for the individual Facebook events or those who have registered by sending an email to . Please sign up so we know how many people to expect for events.

 On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 13:00/1:00pm to 16:00/4:00pm there will be a hangout at Cherish's and Sugar Puppy's flat (the Glitzeretage) in Kreuzberg, with tea and a healing temple (for massage exchange for instance).

Wednesday, 19:00/7:00pm - Opening Ceremony, at the Glitzeretage (in Kreuzberg, address in private)
Thursday, 10:30am - Naughty's Healing Hands Workshop, at the V…