Call '19

“So let us all rejoice in this together. In circles of love rippling out through space and time. Rippling out into the world that rises out of spirit. Rippling back to the source of all that is—to love itself.”
- Arrasu, through Andrew Ramer.

Green sprouts through the cracks of concrete. Foxes roam over cobblestone streets. Wild boars feed from our backyards. Faggots prowl parks and find each other. Dreams make us flock together. Everything that is sacred to us shares with us our urban space: life, love, desire, magic, tribe and community. They sustain us and give us meaning. They celebrate us, and we celebrate them. This is their calling, and we will not miss their Call.

Gather with us and with our sacred things in the city. Come to Berlin this Beltane. Let’s celebrate our Faeborhood together as a Feast of Fools, like our Ancestors did: with drag, joy, lovemaking, song, ritual, dance, shared visions and Heart Space.

We start with a fire ceremony on a hilltop on Walpurgisnacht April 30th (the Night of Witches in Germany, apex of Spring and a great day in the year to be in Berlin) and we remain until May 5th, 2019 (Europe Day).

Berlin, the German capital city. The gathering doesn’t have one single base yet, but we will find each other through the programme (to be published and emailed to all registered attendees one week before the gathering begins) and the Internet. Just like last time, back in 2017.

How much?
The organisers do not charge money for this gathering. However, bring as many Euros as you can afford to donate for the venues that will generously host us (they have also got costs like heating, electricity, water, cleaning etc), and if a local Faerie is hosting you, consider donating for food and expenses. Generosity should always be reciprocated.

Sign up simply by sending a registration email to and one week before the gathering starts you will receive the initial programme with all the details for the gathering. The programme is the red thread that will keep the fabric of our tribe together during the week, since we will be scattered in the city.

(Please, PLEASE register. We need to know how many people to expect, the information in the registration email is paramount and the programme will help you plan your City Gathering experience independently.)

If you have a suggested activity, please let us know by email at any time. We would love to help you make it happen during our City Gathering.

Each Faerie is responsible for their own accommodation during the gathering, and we encourage networking online to share flats and rooms together for enhanced fun and community experience.

In Berlin, Whatsapp chat is mostly how we connect. Send Lucifer a message to be added to our local, sometimes highly active group: +49 176 98892499. Or use the following link to hop on anytime:

Contact, register, ask questions and send nudes to :)